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Why is my account disabled?

Most likely, your account needs to be renewed. To renew your account, change your password, or click Renew My Account under the Accounts tab of the wiki. For additional help, contact CAEDM support.

How do I access CAEDM from my home computer?

Most CAEDM services can be accessed from home, on campus from your laptop, and, in some cases, even your phone. For complete details, see Remote Computing.

How do I share files?

If you are working in a group with other students with CAEDM accounts, the easiest way to share files is with a CAEDM group. Everyone in your group will have a common folder on their J Drive where you can all save your work. Your group's files will be backed up every night. If you are sharing files with someone who does not have a CAEDM account, you can use either OwnCloud or Temporary FTP.

I deleted a file. How do I get it back?

If it was on your J Drive last night, it was backed up. You can use WebRestore to retrieve your file. WebRestore also saves 3 copies of every file on the J Drive in case a file gets altered or damaged and you need to revert to a previous version.

I can't find the program I need for my homework in the start menu. Where are all the programs?

Most programs are available in the start menu on lab machines, but some programs are available only through RGS and Citrix. Full details are available on the individual pages for RGS and for Citrix.

I tried to print, but I only see an option for the "CAEDM" printer. Where are the printers?

Choose the "CAEDM" printer and it will bring up a dialog box that allows you to choose from a list of printers in both CAEDM and department computer labs.

Where can I save my files?

We highly recommend you save your work on the J Drive. It's accessible virtually everywhere, and it's backed up every night. You are given a generous quota, but if that's not enough space, you may want to investigate scratch space, or temporary local storage. If you are using a group, your group quota is separate from your own user quota.

Where can I make a website?

By default, every CAEDM account has a www folder on the J Drive. Files placed in the www folder are accessible on the web at http://www.et.byu.edu/~username. Every CAEDM group also has a www folder in it's group filespace. The group folder may be accessed on the web at http://groupname.groups.et.byu.net/