Getting more out of your CAEDM account

A CAEDM lab located in Crabtree room 450

There are many CAEDM resources to make your computing experience in the college easier. Here are a few of the most important things you should to be aware of:

There are 4 CAEDM labs

There are 4 CAEDM labs open to anyone with a CAEDM account located in Clyde Building 425, Engineering Building 102, Engineering Building 207, and Crabtree Building 450. All four labs use the same door code. Each lab may have slightly different equipment in them such as different printers, plotters, scanners, DVD burners, etc. Your department may also have labs available for your use.

CAEDM has "How To" videos

CAEDM how-to videos are designed for users who would rather watch the video than read the manual. Sometimes the instructions don't make sense and it helps to watch someone do it! Watch experts install RGS, configure the VPN, etc.

Your account must be renewed

After a year of activity, each student will need to renew their account. An email will be sent to each student at the appropriate time with instructions on how to renew their account.

You can use almost every CAEDM resource outside of the labs

We've gone to great lengths to make all CAEDM software and resources available from anywhere on and off-campus. (Some limitations apply due to licensing restrictions.) Learn about remote computing to see how this is done.

You can use your laptop in the lab, and have all the same resources available as our lab machines

If you install a few key software components on your laptop you can have your cake and eat it too! You will have all of the convenience of your own computer in front of you, and have access to all of the Windows and Linux software through RGS and Citrix. You can easily print to the CAEDM printers. We've provided laptop stations in all 3 of our labs which provide access to a full-size monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. There is also a power strip and a wired network connection.

The CAEDM website is more than a place to change your password

The CAEDM website is where you manage your account settings, create and manage groups, release print jobs, and a host of other functions.

If you haven't used a CAEDM group, perhaps you should

Creating a group is the easiest way to share files with your colleagues. Anyone with a CAEDM account can create a CAEDM group. With a CAEDM group, you share a folder on your J Drive with other CAEDM account holders of your choosing. Your group filespace has a separate quota and is backed up every night, just like your personal J Drive files. J Drives and group filespaces can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. There are many other resources available to CAEDM groups.

Digital Senders can be a time saver

Digital Senders use a sheet feeder to scan stacks of loose sheets of paper into PDF's and send them to any email address. There are many other options and formats available on these devices. These can be a huge time-saver to archive homework, class notes, or to send a quick copy of anything you need to scan.

We backup your J Drive and your groups every night

We backup up every file on the J Drive every night. We even keep the last few (overnight) versions of every file you've saved. Once you delete a file, we keep one copy around for a few months in case you still need it. You can restore files with WebRestore.

Temporary FTP can be very useful

Temporary FTP is perfect for sharing files too big for email with others outside of your CAEDM group, or even outside the university.

You can download Microsoft software FREE!

The college has an MSDNAA subscription. These programs allow users with CAEDM accounts to download software at no cost. That includes Microsoft operating systems and compilers for use on your home computer!

CAEDM has 2 plotters

We have a poster plotter with glossy paper and a CAD plotter with matte paper.

Every user and group has a webspace

By default, every CAEDM account has a www folder on the J Drive. Files placed in the www folder are accessible on the web at Every CAEDM group also has a www folder in its group filespace. The group folder may be accessed on the web at

You've got a quota, but it can be made bigger

Every CAEDM account has a J Drive with a generous amount of disk space. Depending on the classes or research you're involved in, that limited disk quota may not be enough. It is possible to get both user and group quotas extended if the need is reasonable and justified.