Department labs

This lab in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department includes specialized equipment such as oscilloscopes and FPGA boards.

CAEDM provides general labs and computing infrastructure to the college, but each department is different and has its own computing resources unique to its disciplines. Departments may provide specialized computer labs, computer classrooms, and staff to facilitate coursework and research.

Lab Locations

Department computer labs and classrooms
Chemical Engineering CB 217
Civil and Environmental Engineering CB 234
Electrical and Computer Engineering CB 413, CB 425 (South side)
Mechanical Engineering CB 230
School of Technology SNLB 219, CTB 345

Lab access

Every department is different. Access to lab resources will vary with each department and lab. Some labs are available 24x7, others only during scheduled course lab hours when TAs are available. Department faculty or secretaries can assist in finding these resources and their schedules.

Department CSRs

Each department has full-time and part-time Computer Support Representatives to assist their faculty, and provide tailored computing resources necessary for the various majors. These employees are responsible for maintaining department computer labs.

Department computer support contact information
Chemical Engineering, 801-422-1124
Civil and Environmental Engineering, 801-422-1243
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department computer support ticketing system
Mechanical Engineering Department computer support ticketing system
School of Technology, 801-422-4109