Web Space

Every CAEDM group has a webspace.

CAEDM provides simple web hosting to all groups and users registered in the college.

Accessing a Web Space

The default HTTP URL for user webspace is:


where USERNAME is replaced by your CAEDM username.

The default HTTP URL for group webspace is:


where GROUPNAME is replaced by the name of the group.

Making and Modifying Pages

The default location for webspace is the 'www' directory of the respective user or group. For personal webspace, this would be the 'www' folder in your home directory (J Drive). For groups, this will be the 'www' directory inside the group folder.

The default page for a webspace is the 'index.html' or 'index.php' file in this 'www' directory. If this file does not exist (it does not exist by default) you will get an error in trying to access the page. Additionally, you may need to create and set htaccess permissions in order to make this page available.

Supported Modules

CAEDM Web servers support a number of modules, including:

  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • LDAP
  • htaccess permissions


If you have need of a database in your web implementation, that functionality is provided through MySQL. You can request database access for a webspace by contacting the Unix System Administrators.

Group Webspace

Using group webspace allows the following:

  • Access can be granted and removed from users or groups of users by the group owner.
  • Groups can be passed from owner to owner as students and faculty graduate or leave the university.