How to get started using CAEDM

Step 1) Create an account

If you are eligible, create a CAEDM account. You may not use any college computing resources until you create a CAEDM account and agree to the policy.

Step 2) Computer labs

A CAEDM lab located in Crabtree room 450

After creating an account, you will receive access to the four CAEDM labs:

This lab uses a lab door code:

  • 450 Crabtree Building

These labs use your BYU ID card for access:

  • 425 Clyde Building
  • 102 Engineering Building
  • 207 Engineering Building (CAEDM Nexus)

Step 3) Using a CAEDM computer

The programs you need to complete coursework will be in the start menu and searchable by typing the program name. CAEDM also uses remote computing resources such as Z Workstation/RGS and Citrix. You will need to become familiar with Z Workstation/RGS and Citrix to access software from outside the CAEDM Labs. Printing on CAEDM computers uses special software unique to our system. Only one printer will appear in the printer selection. You will need to learn to use the CAEDM Print Driver.

We highly recommend you watch these two videos to get started.

Video: An Introduction to CAEDM
Video: RGS Connect