CAEDM print driver

The CAEDM Print Driver, or "CAEDM Printer" allows printing to all CAEDM printers and some department printers with a one-click installation on Microsoft Windows. This print driver will appear as the only printer available on most CAEDM Windows computers. For personal computers, it is not necessary to install a device driver or printer object for each physical printer. One easy-to-install and use printer device covers all printing.

Video: Printing with CAEDM

Installing the CAEDM Print Driver

Currently the Windows CAEDM Print Driver is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7, both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. There is currently no supported driver for Mac or Linux systems. To print on a Linux or Mac computer, use Webprint.

  • Download for: Windows.
    • Intallation: The installation is a download, next, next finish installation. For complete instructions, see the installation and use video. Once installed, there is a short delay the first time the CAEDM Print Driver is used to print.

Other devices

For devices not running Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems, such as phones, chromebooks, etc, use Webprint by visiting

Using the CAEDM Print Driver

  • Make sure you are connected through an on-campus wired connection or secure wireless.
  • Once the CAEDM Print Driver is installed, print to the CAEDM Printer as you would any other printer.
  • A CAEDM username and password is required to print to the CAEDM print driver. Since CAEDM provides access to all it's printers from virtually anywhere it is possible to print to an entirely different building! Make sure the printer you select is the printer you want! Printers are named by building, room number, and type of printer. For example cb423psc is in the Clyde Bldg, Room 423, and is a Color Postscript Printer.
The CAEDM Print Driver interface.
How the CAEDM printer will appear in a list of printers.

Troubleshooting the CAEDM Print Driver

"Could not get a list of printers."

The CAEDM print driver does NOT work over BYU Guest Wireless. Please use a wired connection, or BYU Secure Wireless while on campus. The CAEDM print driver is not available off-campus