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Video: J: Drive Video

This video contains a discussion about using WinSCP to access J Drive files.

SCP (Secure CoPy) is a method of remotely accessing files. It's Windows client is WinSCP, which can be downloaded here. It is availible by default for both Macintosh and Linux systems.

Using SCP

Using SCP requires a connection to an sshd server. In this case, we will use:

You will connect using your J Drive.

Connecting with Windows

  • Download WinSCP and install it. Get the installation package if you're using your own machine, and the portable executable if you're on a work/school computer. The portable executable does not require installation.
  • Run WinSCP, and create a new connection to:

Once you have logged in, you should be able to see your J drive in WinSCP and copy files/folders from it to your own machine.

Connecting with Linux or Macintosh

Open a terminal and use the 'scp' command. The syntax will be as follows:

scp path/to/destination/

Where username is your CAEDM username, ~/path/to/desired/file is the path to the file you want (starting in your J drive directory) and path/to/destination/ is the path to the directory (on your own machine) in which you want to put the file in question. You can also reverse the paths to send files to the server.

You can also copy whole directories using the '-r' option:

scp -r path/to/destination/

NOTE: It will prompt you to add the server to your list of known hosts. Type 'yes' in response. Then it will ask for your password.