Resources for Research

Most CAEDM resources can be used for research. Some software licensing limitations may apply. Research teams may choose to use CAEDM groups for their collaborative efforts.

Many resources available through CAEDM may be instrumental to research groups within the college.


Most software in the CAEDM labs can be used for research purposes. If there is an exception, usually a warning is added by CAEDM when the software loads that it cannot be used for research. Students and faculty may use CAEDM computers to complete research, but may not lock unattended workstations for long periods of time. Long term computing should use Extended use RGS or the BYU Fulton Supercomputing Lab.

Remote Computing

Research assistants and faculty may choose to use some of CAEDM's remote computing resources. Remote computing resources include access to software through RGS, Citrix ans SSH among others.

CAEDM Groups

All group collaboration resources may be useful to research groups within the college, but specifically, CAEDM groups may provide:

Extended use RGS

Computing needs vary wildly between research projects. Smaller projects may only need a few minutes of compute time, others hours, and in the extreme cases, weeks or months. When a project requires extreme amounts of compute time, CAEDM recommends that faculty and students learn to use the resources at the BYU Fulton Supercomputing Lab. On the other hand, when only a limited number of hours of compute time are needed, it may not be worth the learning curve to be trained on the supercomputer. That's when CAEDM's Extended use RGS steps in. Extended use RGS allows faculty and students to reserve sole use of a remote graphical workstation.


Due to University accounting policies, CAEDM can not accept research funds for printing.