RGS Collaboration

RGS sessions can be shared with others for real-time collaboration. Other users can be in the same room, or across campus! They can see what you are working on, and if you allow, they can also take control of the session.


  • To share an RGS session, the first user will connect to RGS normally by using RGSConnect.
  • They will need to provide the name of the RGS machine to the other users; it is shown at the top left of the RGS window.
  • Additional users can connect to the RGS session as follows:
    • Use RGS Receiver, rather than using RGSConnect, .
    • Once the Receiver has started, type in the name of the computer (as provided by the first user) and click connect.
    • The first user will see a message asking if they want to allow to connect to their desktop. If they click yes, the second user will start sharing the desktop. If they click no, or do nothing at all, the second user will not be allowed to connect.
  • Initially, shared users will only be allowed to view the desktop.
    • To allow shared users to manipulate the desktop, right click on the RGS icon next to the clock.
    • Under Remote Keyboard/Mouse, choose Enable. This will allow others to take control. To take control away, change back to Disable.
  • Only one person may be in control at once. Control is automatically passed from one user to the next when they interact with the session.
    • Additional users can be disconnected using the floating yellow window. Each additional user is shown with a red X next to their name. Clicking on the X disconnects the additional users.
  • The first user cannot be disconnected.