CAEDM Mailing Lists

The CAEDM Groups video covers creating and using mailing lists. See time mark 4:47 for instructions on creating a mailing list.
Group Mailing Lists is a system offered by CAEDM that allows a user to send mass emails to all members of a group quickly and efficiently. This is especially useful for professors or group leaders to communicate with all of the members of a project group or research group, but it is available to all CAEDM users to use as they need. Instead of keeping long lists of email addresses to copy and paste into the recipient's box of an email, the sender can simply type and the email will send to all of the members of that list.
This can be useful to professors with several hundred students that have to receive emails together, to leaders of research groups or clubs that have to send mass emails to the group members and to people that just send emails to small groups of people with high frequency.
Different permissions are assigned to different members of the list.

List permissions


  • The owner of a list can add and remove editors and subscribers and change the options of the list.
  • The owner, in order to send emails must also be an editor.
  • In order to receive emails sent through the list the owner must also be a subscriber to the list.


  • An editor assigned to the list is given permission to send emails using the list at any time.
  • An editor cannot alter the membership of a list, either to add more editors nor to add new subscribers.


  • Depending on the list options listed below a subscriber can receive emails sent by the editors.
  • Some owners allow subscribers to send emails to the other subscribers to the list, with conditions, or unconditionally.
  • Subscribers may or may not be able to subscribe themselves, or unsubscribe themselves from the list.

Student list options

  • There are several list security options to make the lists applicable to their specific purpose:
  • Both subscribers and editors may send messages
  • Only editors may send messages
  • Both Subscribers and editors may send messages, but editors must approve messages
  • Anyone may send messages

Professor/Administrator list options